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Reasons to Consider Running a Small Business Blog

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Running a successful small business in the 21st century means utilizing modern methods to get your company in front of prospective customers, and then building relationships with those customers. A small business blog can help you do both. Your business blog doesn’t have to be fancy, nor do you need a Shakespearean-level wordsmith writing the posts for you. The formula for how to build customer relationships using a small business blog is simple. Make your blog engaging and informative, and give your audience reasons to return to it. Here are several reasons why a small business blog can be a big advantage to your company.

Drawing Traffic

In the modern economy, customers turn to the internet first when seeking out a business to provide them services. Phone book advertising and newspaper classifieds may still exist but only as vestigial remains from a bygone era. If you want exposure for your business, you need a strong online presence.

The major search engines, such as Google, have complicated and highly esoteric algorithms for ranking websites. No one knows for sure what exactly ranks one website higher than another, and the search engines keep their formulas closely guarded. One thing that is certain, however, is that fresh, regularly updated, keyword-optimized content provides a huge boost in search engine rankings. An easy way to ensure your website has this content is to start a small business blog and update it frequently.

Building Relationships

A strong client relationship can overcome an onslaught of marketing efforts from your competitors. Customers are loath to take their business elsewhere when they feel personally connected to a business and its owner. Your small business blog fosters customer relationships by presenting your company as more than a faceless institution that exists to make money. Sure, you want to blog about upcoming promotions and specials, but that shouldn’t be all you write about. Humanize yourself and your business in your blog, respond to your readers when they provide feedback, and watch your client relationships blossom.

Driving Sales Downstream

Fast-paced modern lifestyles demand effective downstream marketing. As opposed to upstream activities, which focus on pricing and logistics, downstream marketing is based on connecting with customers and being there for them the moment they need you. For example, customers aren’t so concerned about price when they’re at an athletic competition in 100-degree heat and someone offers a cold beverage.

A good small business blog helps with downstream marketing in that it opens an additional line of communication between your business and your customers. If marketing to the QuickBooks community, for example, your blog posts about accounting topics could elicit responses that help you gauge when your customers need your services the most, and in what capacity. By meeting their needs at the right times, you can establish relationships with customers that elude your competitors engaged in solely upstream activities.

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