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The Golden Rules of Great Content Marketing

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The internet has changed the way businesses market their products and services. In addition to paid advertisements, many small business owners launch small business blogs and social networking profiles to share their content with prospective customers and clients. Learn how to create great marketing content that gets leads and drives sales.

Pinpoint Your Target Market

You might hope to reach everyone with your small business marketing message. Overly generalized content typically gets overlooked. Craft your marketing content to people who are specifically looking for your products or services to solve their problems. Research your target market before creating your first piece of marketing content. You can use free marketing tools provided by Google, Facebook and Twitter to create a profile of the people you want your marketing content to reach.

Create Engaging Content

Businesses engage in content marketing to get leads and sales, but the best content avoids hard selling. Effective marketing content provides solutions to your readers’ problems. If you own a carpet cleaning business, for example, your target market might include people who have new, expensive and light-colored carpets. Your marketing content might provide tips for removing red wine stains from carpets or how to clean them to avoid pet allergies. Great content should also offer something free to readers in exchange for their email addresses; consider creating a product such as a free e-book on a relevant topic to offer website visitors who sign up for your emailed newsletter.

Be Authentic

Tone is an important aspect of successful content marketing. Potential customers usually want to get a sense of who you are before they decide to do business with you. Create content in your authentic voice. You might not want your content to be too informal, but content that shows your passion about topics your readers care about is more likely to get read and shared. When creating content, edit for grammar, spelling and clarity, but avoid sanitizing your content to the point that it sounds generic.

Analyze the Data

Reproduce successful content and ditch the content that failed. To find out which types of marketing content worked, consult your analytics tools. Find out which pieces of content people in your target market read and shared the most and which content they ignored. You can also use analytics tools to find out valuable intelligence, such as the best time of day to share marketing content on social media.

Learn From Your Competitors

Your competitors can be a valuable resource when it comes to content marketing. Visit their websites and social media profiles, and sign up to receive emails from them. Make note of which types content produced by your competitors grabs your attention and as well as the attention of their followers. As long as you don’t copy what they’re doing, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing ideas to make your content marketing more successful.

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