How to Add Suppliers to QuickBooks

A great way to start working in QuickBooks is to add your suppliers' contact info. You can import a spreadsheet all at once or add suppliers one at a time.

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Import a Suppliers Spreadsheet

In the Suppliers page, click New Supplier, and select Import suppliers from the drop-down menu.

Organize Your Spreadsheet

Organize your spreadsheet to match the format of the sample below. Make sure your column titles and the order of your columns match our example. You can download this sample file here.

Choose Your File

On the Import Suppliers page, click Browse. Select your file and click Open.

Choose Your Excel Columns

For every QuickBooks field, choose one of your Excel columns and that data will be imported into the corresponding QuickBooks field. Click Next.

Import Suppliers

Check off all of your suppliers. Click Import. Now you can access all of your suppliers in QuickBooks.

Add a New Supplier

Click Suppliers in the left Navigation Bar. Then click New Supplier.

Fill Out The Supplier Form

Fill out the form as needed. The only required field is the “Display name as” field, but you can add as much information as you want. Click Save when you’re finished.

Locate Businesses in Your Area

If you want QuickBooks to find all of the local businesses in your area, go to the gear menu and click QuickBooks Labs.

Choose the Autocomplete widget

Choose the Autocomplete widget and the next time you enter a supplier (or customer) name in QuickBooks, it will suggest businesses in your area. Click Done when you’re finished.