How to Enter Bills Into QuickBooks

If you need to import all of your business contacts from Gmail into QuickBooks, you can connect them from an invoice, sales receipt, expense record, cheque or any other transaction.

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Open Bills

Go to the Create (+) Menu and under Suppliers choose Bill.

Choose the Supplier

Choose the supplier who sent you this bill. If this is a new supplier, you can select + Add new to add them now.

Click Save. Only the supplier’s name gets saved. You can go to the supplier page later to enter additional information.

Enter the Terms

Enter the Terms of this bill. This is how long the supplier gives you to pay. For example, Net 30 means you’ve got 30 days from the bill date to pay it.

Choose a Category

In Account, choose the category for the service or products you’re paying for in the drop down menu. For example, choose a Utilities account.

Add the amount and any applicable sales tax for this bill.


If you’re entering more than one bill, click Save and New. If this is the last bill you’re entering for now, choose Save and Close. So as you can see, entering and paying your bills has never been easier to do.