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What is a Customer Account?

An Intuit Customer Account is a quick and easy way for you to manage your company's purchases, subscriptions, contact, payment and billing information, service requests and share this information with others in your organization — all in one convenient location. Here's how it works: complete an account profile for your company and a user name and password for your personal use. The information you enter is saved and your company will be assigned a Customer Account Number. Your Customer Account Number uniquely identifies your company and we recommend you have it handy whenever you contact us. When you log into your Intuit Customer Account, you will be able to update your company information, renew or modify subscriptions, change billing or payment information and track service requests.

What is a Company Contact?

Company Contacts are those individuals who are authorized to access your company's Customer Account and represent your company when interacting with Intuit. A Company Contact will be able to purchase or upgrade products using the payment or billing information in the Account and update or modify subscriptions on behalf of your company. They may also update or modify the information within the Account.

Your Customer Account may have as many Company Contacts as you wish, allowing you to share your company's account information with anyone who has been invited to join you as account administrators. Each Account will have one "Primary Contact" who serves as the main point of contact for communication between Intuit and your business. You may change your primary contact at any time.

An individual may be listed as a Company Contact on more than one Customer Account. For example, if you own or work for more than one company, you may choose to have separate Customer Accounts for each company and you may be listed as a Company Contact on each account. When you login, you will see all the Accounts where you are listed as a Company Contact; simply select the Account that you wish to access.

If you are the first person from your company to set up an Account, you will automatically be listed as the Primary Contact for your company.

How are Contacts added to a Customer Account?

Contacts are added to your Customer Account in the following way.

  1. When you create the Account online for the first time, you will automatically be added as the primary contact.
  2. If your Account was created through our call center, you will receive a secure e-mail that includes a link you can use to attach yourself to your Account using your logon.
  3. Once your Account is created, any Contact can invite additional Contacts by providing their name and e-mail. Invitees will receive an e-mail with a secure link that will allow them to access your company's account. Each invitee will be prompted to create their own personal login and password that they will use to access your company's account. You should not share your personal login and password with them.

To protect unauthorized access to your company's information, Intuit does not allow a person to add themselves to an existing Customer Account. To become a contact, an individual must be invited to join the account by an existing contact.

How many Customer Accounts can I have?

There is no limit to the number of Customer Accounts you may create. While it will be most common for each company to have a single Account, if you wish to limit what your Company Contacts can access, you may choose to set up separate Customer Accounts for your company and assign different contacts to the different Accounts.

You cannot set up a single Customer Account to represent multiple companies. If you do business with Intuit from more than one company, you will need to create a separate Customer Account for each company. Remember, purchases and subscriptions will be displayed in the Customer Account in which the transaction was made.

How is access to my Customer Account information secured?

Only invited individuals will have access to your Customer Account. All invitees are attached to your Account via a link sent to the e-mail address you specify when you create the invitation. Invitees will be linked to your Account via a secure Intuit logon. Each Contact must first logon using their username and password before any of your company data will be presented.

Intuit's security policies do not support the sharing of usernames and passwords so each Contact will need their own personal Intuit logon. Anyone trying to access your Account who is not an invited guest will not gain access to your Account.

Why can't I change the name of a Contact online?

For your protection and the security of your account information, please submit an online Service Request or contact our call center if you need to change the names of your company contacts or delete them. Our customer care agents have been instructed to follow security procedures designed to prevent and protect you from someone trying to modify contact information in your account, without your knowledge or consent. If you need to correct a misspelling or have a legitimate name change, submit an online Service Request or contact our call center. Our customer care agents will be happy to assist you.

Why can't I change my Company name online?

Once the account is created, we want to prevent any possibility of your account being reassigned to another business without your knowledge. If you need to correct a misspelling or have a legitimate business name change, please submit an online Service Request or contact our call center for assistance. If you have sold your business and want to transfer your assets, the call center will also be able to assist you.

Due to Intuit's security policies, each Contact must have their own Billing Profile.

Why is someone in my company asking me to grant them full access?
Why do I see a contact with an option to Grant Full Access on my account?

The security of your information is one of Intuit's highest priorities. To protect your information from unwanted access, Intuit restricts how an uninvited contact can add themselves to an existing customer account. When an individual needs to purchase a product before they have been officially invited to your account, they are added as a limited access user if they provide information that exactly matches your account information.

When an uninvited individual provides information that matches an *existing* Customer Account (matching name, address and phone number), Intuit will allow the customer to associate themselves as a limited access user. The new user will only have access to the personal information they have entered and the products they have purchased. The primary contact on the account can grant full access to limited access users in the Contact section of My Account.

I was just added to my company's online customer account, why can't I see everything that my company owns?

If you were added during the purchase process, you were added as a limited access user. This allows you to see and use anything that you have purchased, but restricts access to other products and information to keep your company information secure. Please contact the primary contact on your customer account and they can log in and grant you full access to the online customer account.