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App of the Month: AutoEntry

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With the ever-changing app ecosystem and deciding which one will support your business or clients the best, we'll be running 'App of the Month' to give you a better scope of the apps available to you in the marketplace. 


Coming in hot for September is AutoEntry!


Who are they?

AutoEntry integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and extracts the required data before posting it into your QuickBooks account. AutoEntry is also a smart solution and remembers how you categorise expenses so you won't ever have to categorize them again 

Here’s how you get started 
- Scan, snap or email a copy of the document you want to capture 
- AutoEntry extracts and analyses your data 
- Once done, items will appear in your inbox for you to approve into QuickBooks 
- If you prefer, AutoEntry will auto-publish known vendors saving even more time


Key Benefits?

No more manual data entry: For receipts, sales invoices, bank and card statements and more, AutoEntry automates data entry. Simply scan, take a photo with our mobile app, or send your documents via email and AutoEntry will do the rest

  • Go paperless: Once AutoEntry has captured and entered your data, it creates a digital record of the image and attaches it to the transaction in QuickBooks. You’ll no longer need to store paper copies, so your office can declutter and go green
  • Grow your business: If you're a plumber, be a plumber - not a bookkeeper. If you own a coffee shop, make coffee. AutoEntry empowers small business owners, allowing them to focus more time on running their business, and less on the paperwork






50 Credits Per Month With Unlimited Users




100 Credits Per Month With Unlimited Users




200 Credits Per Month With Unlimited Users




500 Credits Per Month With Unlimited Users

Large Volume Accounts

On Request


If you have a requirement larger than any of our packages just get in touch and we can give you a quote



Phone: 020 3393 3058

Chat: In app chat function



Upcoming webinars & how to sign up:

SMB  Automate your data entry Thursday Sept 20th 2018 @ 2.00-3.00pm

Accountants Help automate your client’s data entry Thursday Sept 20th 2018 10.00 -11.00am


If you need any more information, please visit our app card: Auto Entry on



What's your favorite app and why? 

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Re: App of the Month: AutoEntry

We use AutoEntry for many of our clients and it is one of our top apps here at PJCO that we will recommend to many businesses. 


Further on from Jack's post - AutoEntry will allow you to create supplier rules so most of your expenses will automatically be catagorised to the correct expense accounts within your QuickBooks Online meaning less time entering information.


The most common reason we use this application is for expense and bill capture for digital record purposes. However when we first started using AutoEntry (a little while back now) we initially used it to upload scanned bank statements. AutoEntry will produce a .csv file that can easily be uploaded into your bank within QuickBooks. This was a great solution for the many QuickBooks set ups we complete and saved us a lot of time! 




Re: App of the Month: AutoEntry

Glad to hear you recommend @EmilyMockett! AutoEntry came to our London QuickBooks office to do a live demo and the app looks to be great and I totally get how it can benefit  our customers because of its ease-of-use.


I'm looking forward to hearing your app recommendations for future App of the Month (AotM) shortlists! Smiley Happy



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Re: App of the Month: AutoEntry

We have a number of apps that we will be writing about over the coming months including:


Point of Sale systems - Good Till

Mileage tracker - Trip Catcher

Multi sales channel manager - Primaseller


As well as many others. If anyone has any recommendations please do let me know.