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Is there a way to add a month to a memorized transaction that updates?

I have several memorized bills that go out every month. We just signed a client who wants us to put the month of service in the bill, which is a great idea.  I can only see how this would work if I hand touch every invoice. I called QB a couple times, but the first line phone reps also seems to not know a way to do this automatically.


Anyone got some advanced tooling on this? I can enter a text box, but it will not update every month with the date. I can enter a data field, but it only displays as dd/mm/yyy. No modifications allowed. I want to be able to have the month of service increment with the date of the invoice.


I think this is a needed feature, since it is courteous to inform the AR Dept for what month you are billing. This can prevent mistakes, accidental over-billing and double payments.


It could happen if the date/data field could display in MMMM format. Or if I could have two invoice dates and one of them I modify to display as MMMM.


This is my first time posting. I only had 3 choices of "Label" Feel free to move this to the correct category.