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Can I delete duplicate sales entries in my profit and loss?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Can I delete duplicate sales entries in my profit and loss?


Thanks for posting in the Community, @tytyty37. Yes, you can delete duplicate sales entries showing on the Profit and Loss report.  


To verify duplicate sales entries, let's go to the Sales page and review for duplicate transactions. Once confirmed, I suggest deleting the duplicate.


Here's how:


1. Go to the Sales tab from the left menu.
2. Choose All Sales.
3. Select the No. column to sort it. Then, it toggles the numbers in ascending and descending order as it populates.
4. Check for duplicates.

5. Click to open the transaction.

6. Select More at the bottom, then choose Delete.


If duplicate entries are coming from your bank, you can also verify those transactions on the Banking page. Learn and read through our help article: Remove Duplicate Transactions or Personal Expenses from Bank Feeds. It has steps and a quick video clip that will guide you on how to exclude duplicate bank transactions.


Feel free to ask anything here in the Community. We're always glad to answer all your concerns.