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Downgrade Your QuickBooks Online Subscription

Who can downgrade?

Customers who are currently United States monthly subscribers may be eligible to downgrade if there are no complete stoppers. Complete stoppers are "blockers" which could prevent you from downgrading your subscription and loop back to the dashboard after trying to start the process.

How do I downgrade?

Before you downgrade: It is best to consider all options and stoppers before you go through the downgrade process. If you wish to go back to your previous subscription/plan after downgrading, you will need to wait 24 hours before you can upgrade again.

  1. Log into QuickBooks Online.
  2. Enter over the current URL. The Change Plan screen shows your current plan and other available plan(s) in which to downgrade.
  3. Select Choose plan under the plan you would like to change to.  This will prompt the feature loss screen.
  4. Review all items that will be impacted by the downgrade before you click Next.
  5. If a stopper appears, please continue through the rest of the steps. If you do not see a stopper, please move to Step 9.
  6. Complete the stoppers that appear on the screen by clicking the button next to the required action. Please check the following list of stoppers and learn how to remove them:
  7. After removing all stoppers, you will be able to continue through the Change my plan confirmation page. This will include a summary of your new plan billing details and a chance to update the payment method.
  8. After you view the new billing amount and existing credit card information, select Confirm to complete the process.
  9. A summary screen appears reiterating the plan change and the next billing date. Select Sign out . For changes to take effect, you must log out of QuickBooks Online.
  10. Log in again and verify that the changes reflect in your account settings (Select the Gear icon at the top. Under Your Company (or Settings) choose Account & Settings, then select Billing and Subscription).