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I need to enter my photo ID

I have a photo to upload & I don't know how to do it, 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: I need to enter my photo ID

Good day, Hopkins6769.

I'd be happy to help you enter your photo ID in QuickBooks Desktop.


If you're trying to add a photo of your customers, vendors, or employee in QuickBooks Desktop, you can follow the steps on how to do it.


  1. Click Customers at the top and choose Customer Center.
  2. Choose a customer and click the Attach icon to add a photo.

You can also access the Doc Center by following the steps below.


Here's how:


  1. Click Company at the top menu bar.
  2. On the drop-down list, click Documents and choose Doc Center.
  3. Click Add then choose photos.



You can get more details in this article: QuickBooks Document Center: FAQs and common issues.


If you're referring to something else, please let me know so I can look further into this. Have a good one.