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Troubleshoot Online Banking (Mac)

With Bank Feeds in QuickBooks for Mac, you can import bank and credit card transactions from your Financial Institution's (FI) website and then add or match the imported transactions in your QuickBooks bank or credit card account register. Here are the most common issues that you may encounter when you access Online Banking in QuickBooks for Mac and how to resolve them.

Note: Before you troubleshoot, make sure to back up the QuickBooks company file. Also, make sure you meet the following requisites for Online Banking (OLB) setup and download.

Troubleshoot Online Banking issues

Intuit recommends 4 possible solutions to resolve Online Banking issues. The first solution may solve your problem or you may need to try all four. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

Identity Confirmation Request

This may be required after installing a new version of QuickBooks or an update to your current version.

Most banks require identity confirmation prior to accessing data from PFM (Personal Financial Management) software. To satisfy the bank security requirement, log in to your account outside of QuickBooks and check your Message Center or Notifications inbox for details. If needed, contact your bank directly for instructions.

Other issues and error messages