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Account updates

Why isnt my account updating and how do I get it to update

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Account updates

The reasons why the account is not updating depend on the account you're referring to, Cyborg.


If your're referring to the account in the Banking page, you can check out these possible reasons:

  • Your bank's website has an ongoing maintenance.
  • Internet connection was interrupted.
  • Your bank added security features that need your confirmation.

We can do the manual update to establish a new connection between your bank and QuickBooks:

  1. In the Banking page, click the Update button.
  2. Enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials if necessary.
  3. Click Continue.

If you're referring to your account's subscription, we can do browser troubleshooting steps to get rid of any-cache related issues. Cache files can sometimes cause unexpected results when they are piled up on your browser.

  1. Open a private browser and update your subscription information again.
  2. We can clear the cache storage of your regular browser if you can update it successfully.
  3. Use other support browsers if necessary.

You can always get back to me if you need anything else.