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Bank Error code 103 cannot connect all my login info is correct

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Bank Error code 103 cannot connect all my login info is correct

Let me share an idea why you're getting Bank Error code 103, 5247719916784805.


I have here primary reasons why you receive such error:

  • You might entered the wrong credentials while trying to connect your financial institution for the first time.
  • You might have selected the wrong financial institution.
  • If you've updated your credentials with your financial institution, you need to update the information in QuickBooks Online.

For first time connection, make sure to select the correct bank and enter your bank login correctly.


Here's how to Fix Error 103 for new connections:

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select Add Account on the Banking page.
  3. Enter the bank's URL in the search field.
  4. Select your bank.
  5. Enter bank login on your bank's website, then Continue.

Please take note that if you're still getting the same error, click Go Back, and repeat the steps with a different bank name from the list.


You can refer to this article, if you can't still connect to your bank: How to identify the correct bank.


You should be able to connect your bank after following these steps. I'll be around to help if you have additional questions.