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Differences between Accept Payments with PayPal app and PayPal Bank Feeds

The main difference between the Bank Connection centre in QuickBooks and the PayPal App is the way certain transactions are handled.

These differences are outlined in the table below.

New PayPal App Bank Connection Integration
Transactions Imported All types* All types
Payments E-invoicing solution N/A
Sales transactions Imported (detailed categorisation) Imported (only summary)
Transfers Not imported (the destination/origin bank that is receiving/sending the transfer from/to PayPal will show the transfer instead) Imported (detailed categorisation)
Expenses Imported (default categorisation) Imported (detailed categorisation)
User’s primary benefit Detailed sales transactions, helps with accounting, online invoice payments capability, multicurrency Categorised expenses & transfers
User’s primary limitation User has to manually categorise Supplier payments Users do not get detailed sales transactions

* Except PayPal Credit and cash transactions