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Direct Connect Bank Feeds

I have used Direct Connect for bank feeds in the past.  I remember (after downloading  the transactions) that the activity would go directly into my Quickbooks.  There I could code, split, adjust, etc the transactions as needed.    Now it seems to stop to a middle step and wants me to code etc. before getting activity into Quickbooks.  This is not good for my needs.

I phone Wells Fargo and they said there is a setting within QB to get the activity to load directly into QB and avoid that intermediate step.  They transferred me to Intuit so I could quickly get the answer, but Intuit directed me to this means of communication.  

Is there someone who can help me so I can again use the bank feeds Direct Connect the way I remember it?    

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Direct Connect Bank Feeds

Greetings, cjpierce.

I appreciate you letting us know that you’ve already contacted Wells Fargo about this issue.

We’ve introduced easier access to financial accounts. QuickBooks now connects to selected banks using the OAuth (an open standard for authentication).

This lessens sync errors and transactions will stay up to date in QuickBooks. However, this process is currently introduced to the online version.


To help give you a better idea about the new connection, check out the Bank Feeds Direct Connect FAQ article.


I want to ensure I can provide the best resolution, so I just need some additional details about your concern.

What is the exact message? Did you receive an error code?

I appreciate if you can provide a screenshot to help me get on the same page. I look forward to your response.