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Direct deposit

How to set up direct deposit 

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Direct deposit

Hi there, Drg1.


Good to see you here in the QuickBooks Community. Let me help and guide you on how to set up direct deposit in QuickBooks. 


When processing direct deposit, you'll need to send the paychecks to QuickBooks Payroll by exactly 5 PM PST at least two banking days prior the paycheck date. This allows time for the service to process your payroll and transfer funds from your account into your employees' account. 


Here's how to set up Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. At the top menu bar, click Employees.
  2. Select My Payroll Services.
  3. Choose Activate Direct Deposit.
  4. In the Verify Your company Information section, click the Edit option and update the Legal Company Name and Address to add the Industry.
  5. Select the Industry that most closely reflects your company's main business. Note: The zip code should be 5 digits only.
  6. Enter the owner's or principal's email address, Social Security Number, and date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy). This information is required due to National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules and regulations.
  7. Edit the Payroll Administrator Information and confirm the email address. 
  8. In the Enter Your Bank Information section, enter the bank account information that Intuit QuickBooks Payroll debits for Direct Deposit transactions and fees. This is your bank account that use to pay your employees. 
  9. Click the View Agreement link.
  10. Select the I have read and agree to the terms of service agreement checkbox.
  11. In the Check Security Limits section, answer the questions provided.
  12. Click Submit button. 

After signing up a Direct Deposit, Intuit makes two small withdrawals of less than $1.00 each from the bank account you set up. You'll need to check your bank account for the amount and confirm it in QuickBooks. 


Now, to activate the Direct Deposit you'll need to enter 2 debits, you can check this link for the steps: Enter direct deposit test debits in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll


However, if you're using QuickBooks Online version, you can check this article for the detailed steps on how to set up payroll direct deposit


This will get you on the right track. Please know that I'm just a post away if you have additional questions about the direct deposit. Wishing you and your business continued success.