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Novice needs to know best way to obtain help at this web site



I am a rank novice at QuickBooks despite using it for many years, mostly for highly unsophisticated tasks. I have now needed to visit and seek help at this web site a few times in the past few days. As has been my experience when I needed to do so once or twice in years past, the responses to my questions have been prompt, unfailingly supportive, and completely free of condescension. I don't mind that occasionally I receive advice that differs non-trivially among different responders to the same question; I suspect there usually is more than one way to skin the cat at issue. But I do have the following questions about obtaining help from the QB Community:


1. What is the best and most direct way to ask the Community a question? The only way I have been able to do so up to now is the way I have done this morning: Go to this START a DISCUSSION heading and enter a "title" as such in the box below "What do you want to talk about?"-- Is this the typical route most members use to ask a question? Is there any other location on this web site or related sites where one can enter a QB question? Is there a better way than I have used?


2. What is the best was to find written responses and comments to a question one has submitted previously? I have received direct responses to my e-mail address, which is optimal, but occasionally I am notified that one or more individuals have commented at the site on something I asked. The suggestion appears that I read their comments. Clicking on that suggestion yielded no useful response this morning or yesterday.

 I HAVE TROUBLE NAVIGATING TO THE LOCATION OF MY QUESTION AND ANY COMMENTARY FOLLOWING IT-- WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? I have tried searching for key words in the question I submitted, thinking that is the most logical approach, but this yielded nothing. Is there any way to search for one's previous comments, say, by one's e-mail address (the simplest, I would think)? What do members of the Community typically do in this situation?

3. One of the respondents to a question I asked a few days ago offered a telephone number where I could receive "support from an expert." I am grateful for the offer; am I correct to assume all such support generates a charge for this service?


Thanks so much.


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Novice needs to know best way to obtain help at this web site

It's nice to see you again, @ggoodman.


I appreciate you providing the complete details of your concern. I can share some information about this QuickBooks Community website.


To answer your first question, yes! You're already on the right track. Those are the steps you'll need to do to post a question in the Community.


For your second question, technically, you'll receive an email notification every time someone added a response or comment to your posts. If you're having trouble locating those, you can log into your Community account and go to your profile. From there, you'll see all the questions you've posted (including responses from other users or our QuickBooks Team).


Here's how:


1. Log into your QuickBooks Community account.
2. Once logged in, click the circle/image icon on the upper right and My profile.




Now, let's proceed to your last question. We only provide contact information through an article, and it is discouraged to contact phone numbers directly entered as answers. If you receive any of these, they're most likely not from Intuit. The official contact number can be found, here.


Just in case, you can also check these articles for more information:



That should answer your concerns for today. Please know that I'm only a few clicks away if you need further assistance. I'll be here to help. Take care and have a wonderful day!

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Re: Novice needs to know best way to obtain help at this web site



Many thanks.


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Re: Novice needs to know best way to obtain help at this web site

1. This is a web-based Forum or text platform. It is accessed from within the QB programs, because Intuit has decided that Peer level community input is as good as a Help system. It's not. You no longer have the great help support articles without also seeing everyone else's basic questions and wrong answers that don't apply to you, specifically. That means Playing Safely on the Internet. QB Desktop used to have great Video tutorials in the program, the Help menu > Learning Center. Intuit removed them in 2015. I had asked Intuit leave them on the web and they did so for quite a while. That URL is gone, now, though.


Use your Browser and this Website:


That's better than starting with Questions; that's Helpful articles.


Here's what I teach my students: use the web, take video tutorials, etc. If you find 5 resources and 3 seem to agree, you might have found the best tool. Make sure it meets Your Accounting Requirements, applies to your Tax Entity Type, etc.


2. You can set the Forum Profile to send notifications by email or not. In the top right of the page when you are signed in, you see your own Questions and answers, as well as any update. There are a lot of functions here, as Intuit treats this similar to Social Networking. They also moved their previous "OwnIt" community here. You see Likes, Badges, Kudos, participation badges, etc. That profile link, top right, is the best


Yes, Navigation is horrible. The search results don't work well and the search tools are constantly breaking.


Remember; the community here from Around the World. Not everyone is using the same program as you, has the same Entity type as you, is in the same State as you, subject to the same regulations as you, or even is in the US, if you even are in the US, too.


And stop using your email address or real contact info, to avoid being Spammed from the internet. Play Safely.