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QB for Mac 2019

After updating to 2019, when I enter a bank fee in the reconciliation window, QB creates a double entry when I look at the account ledger.  One entry is in the payment column, the other is in the deposit column.  The account reconciles, and the payment is checkmarked.  The deposit is not checkmarked and does adjust the balance, but if I go to delete it, I receive a warning that the payment is reconciled.  If I continue to delete, QB deletes BOTH entries and throws the reconciliation off.


This only happens in ONE of the accounts, and prior to 2019, this was not an issue.

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Re: QB for Mac 2019

The bank fee you enter might match a bank fee that has been downloaded.  If the fee has been downloaded you may not need to enter it in the "overview" sheet. Just click it to reconcile it in the list of transactions that came in from the bank.