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Quick books 2019 will not syn with TD bank for downloading

i can not seem to get it to work. they are aware of the problem and its still not working. anyone else have this issue and know what to do about it. its very frustrating since i have a few clients with 
TD bank

thank you


QuickBooks Team

Re: Quick books 2019 will not syn with TD bank for downloading

Hey there, @gismofla.


Thanks for coming to the Community. I'm here to help share some update about the downloading your transactions from TD bank.


Being unable to import/download transactions from TD bank into QuickBooks Desktop has been reported as an ongoing issue. Our engineers are now diligently working to get this fix as timely as possible.


For now, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Team so you'll be added to the list of the affected users. This way you'll be able to receive updates about the status of the issue as soon as they're available. 


Also, as soon as an update is received, I, or another member of the Community team, will be happy to update this thread and let you know so that you can get back to business.


This should get you moving today.


You've got me here if there's anything else you need about banking issues or anything about QuickBooks. I'd be happy to help. Have a great day ahead!

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Re: Quick books 2019 will not syn with TD bank for downloading

I just upgraded to Quickbooks 2019 for Mac this morning, because I have no choice. Support for QB 2016 is being phased out. So now I have QB 2019 and I can't connect to TD Bank from the application and I can't import transactions from TD Bank either. I went from having a working application that Intuit is going to intentionally "break" to force people to upgrade, to having a new version that simply doesn't work. Supremely frustrating. 


Intuit articles for instructions on contacting support do not apply to the Mac version, so you have to jump through endless hoops to get in touch with a support representative.


The original poster's comment was from three weeks ago and there are no status updates. Is this issue going to be resolved?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quick books 2019 will not syn with TD bank for downloading

Hello there, @Mcutrona.


Banking related concerns usually require troubleshooting steps that need to be performed more than one attempt. With that being said, allow me to furnish you with some steps to connect your bank with QuickBooks.


In the meantime, let’s perform the following to connect TD Bank with QuickBooks:

  1. Log in to your bank’s website.
  2. Go to Account Options.
  3. Select Account Services.
  4. Click Manage Financial Tools.

You should be able to connect your bank with QuickBooks via Direct Connect from your bank’s website.


On the other hand, I’d recommend contacting our Technical Support Team so you’ll be added on the affected user’s list. Rest assured you’ll be notified via email once permanent resolutions about these ongoing concern are released.


Here's how to contact us:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Under How can we help?, type in any keyword about your concern.
  4. Hit Continue.
  5. Click Get a call back to contact us.

Updates about this ongoing concern will also be posted through this thread. We appreciate your patience while we continue working on this. I’ll be around if there’s anything else about connecting your bank with QuickBooks.

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Re: Quick books 2019 will not syn with TD bank for downloading

@juVielL I'm not quite sure how to say this... but THANK YOU!!!!


I've been searching for hours (going on about 3) on why the Web Connect wasn't working for TD bank.  It worked under QuickBooks online, but nowhere have I found that says that you have to log into your TD online account, drill down into an almost-hidden setting option, and grant access.


It's so easy once you know the secret.


Thank you again!