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Quickbooks Online - Importing Chase .qbo file issue - <FITID> NONE

Using Quickbooks Online.  Downloading QBO file from Chase just like I do every month.  Importing most recent statement and when it imports the description on every transaction after it imports is the same.  So I get a long list of transactions for different amounts and the description is same on all (seems to be the last the description of the last transaction in the QBO file).  If I click on one I can see the Bank Detail and it lists the correct name but having all the description the same on all lines means QB tries to categorize transactions into the wrong accounts. 


After digging deeper into the QBO file I can see that the name for each transaction is listed but it seems that the <FITID> is missing in the most recent QBO downloads from Chase.  It says "<FITID> NONE".  In files from last month that worked properly there is a long number string after the <FITID> for each transaction. 


This would seem to be an issue with the Chase QBO file but not sure where to go from here to get a something I can import in correctly like normal.  Any ideas?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks Online - Importing Chase .qbo file issue - <FITID> NONE

Our online banking team is working their best to fix the description field when downloading transactions from Chase bank, johngriffies.


I'd suggest speaking to our QuickBooks Customer Care team so we can include in the list of the affected users. This way, we can send you an update via email.


I'll be here if you need more help.