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Separate items in a batch because of refund amount

Batch [removed] 1/16/19   $-669.59 ..... can this be separated in to two transactions? QuickBooks is not allowing me to match properly . Since the refund is larger than the payment, the deposit is appearing as a payment rather than deposit in QB. I’ve contacted QB chat support and she could not help, neither can my bank


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Re: Separate items in a batch because of refund amount

Hello there, @ConnieE.


Glad to have you here in the Community. I'd be happy to share some insights about matching your transactions in QuickBooks Online.


In QuickBooks Online, being able to match two separate types of transactions (deposit and expense) isn't possible. This because the transactions are in different posting accounts. What you can do is to exclude the batch payment that was downloaded from your bank. Then manually clear the payment and refund so you can reconcile them properly.


To exclude bank transactions:

  1. From the left menu, select Banking.
  2. On the Banking page, select the For Review tab.
  3. Select the check-boxes of the transactions to exclude.
  4. From the Batch actions drop-down, choose Exclude Selected.

For more details about this process, please check out this article: How to exclude expenses from downloaded bank transactions.


If you need additional assistance with this concern this concern, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team. You can reach them through this contact information: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team.


Be sure to let me know how else I can empower you to make QuickBooks work the way your business needs. Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success.