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Attach File Benefits

Last week, I began using the "attach file" feature in QB Desktop for our organization.  The immediate value is associating an invoice or expense to a bill or credit card charge and not having to view these documents in another location on our system.  What are some other ways this feature benefits your company?  Since I am new to this feature, perhaps there are other functions that I am not utilizing.


Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Attach File Benefits

Hi there, Janet J.


Thanks for visiting the QuickBooks Community.  I’m here to share some information about the benefits of the attach file feature in QuickBooks Desktop.


What’s good about this feature is that QuickBooks is the first to make every document available within the program so your accounting files are as digital as possible. Some may still be consulting paper documents, scanned images or stored computer files that relate to your accounting data.


The QuickBooks Attached Documents (QAD) provides a way to keep documents related to your customers, vendors, employees, and transactions available within the QuickBooks Doc Center. It allows you to attach an unlimited number of files and store it locally.


There is no file size limit for attachments that you can store; however, there must be enough space on your local system to store the documents. For additional information about QuickBooks Attached Documents, check out this article:


Should there be anything else you need, please let me know. I’ll be around to help. Wishing you the best!

Content Leader

Re: Attach File Benefits

Hey @Janet J,


Would you be able to provide a bit more context? What files are you attaching? And are these for internal documents or customer-facing communications? 


Sounds like you are looking for ways to improve organization of documents... Looking for a more visually-driven experience? 

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Attach File Benefits

 The documents are for internal use primarily.  They can also be used as a customer facing for our contractors in support of our commercial clients.