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Creating Item #'s for Non-Inventory Parts

We are a manufacturing company and I need to create an items list for non-inventory (consumable items).  I know the non-inventory type does not track the quantity, but we will need to track the costs of each item.  For example, the different size gloves the production people use or the various marketing materials.  I need to be consistent in the way we create our item #'s, anyone have some ideas to share with me in what number or letter sequencing to use for the item #.  I need to set up something that is easy for everyone to follow.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Creating Item #'s for Non-Inventory Parts

Hello, saavy.

Tracking directly the cost of a non-inventory is unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop. As a workaround, you can use the item on a purchase (Purchase Order) transaction then enter the cost of the item on the amount. 

It’d be best as well to check your accountant to record this process correctly. 

Drop by again if you have other questions about QuickBooks.