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Do More with Apps: ChronoBooks

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How can I copy data from one QuickBooks Online company to another?


The ChronoBooks app (available in US, UK, CA, AU, IN) can copy accounting data from one company to another.  Click here to learn more about how ChronoBooks is able to copy and how to copy data from one company to another.


A free trial is available, and ProAdvisors receive one company backed up for free and a discounted rate. (Send ChronoBooks a message after signing in to apply for these benefits.)



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Super Explorer **

Re: Do More with Apps: ChronoBooks

To obtain this app, open up your QuickBooks Online account and click on the Apps tab from the left-side menu. Then click inside the 'Search for an app' field, type in 'chrono' and select 'ChronoBooks' from the pop-up list. Read more about this app and then click on the green 'Get app now' button when you are ready.