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Curious, what're the issues with Expensify to QuickBooks?

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Expensify is a great app. @photosbydepuhl has worked with Expensify quite a bit. Do you have any recommendations? 

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SF EXP.jpgIf you would have asked me a month ago, I would have been gushing about Expensify. However, since an update they made (without any heads up to their users) a few weeks ago, I'm thinking a little differently about them - especially since that update meant I had to reclassify over 2 years of expenses. Expensify had assigned hundreds of expenses to random expense reports. Some that had been closed, some that were from last year and others that were open, but not the correct one. 

The real beauty happened, when I went to fix the misinformation, Expensify erased all tags, notes, accounts, and opportunities from the expense. 


To top it all off, the SaleForce integration that had been running beautifully just got turned off. No heads up, no warning, no email. Nothing. And -of course- the Expensify policy could only be controlled from inside SalesForce - and that link was turned off.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.08.57 PM.jpg


Now to their credit, they have told me that they've reinstalled my 'old' SalesForce integration as a beta, i.E. no support, but I have yet to test it. Right now I'm afraid that it will wreak havoc on the 3 weeks of work it took me to get all of this mess cleaned up. 


I have been emailing with Expensify, their customer service definitely leaves A LOT to be desired and for a company whose tagline is "Creating expense reports that don't suck" their attention to their customers does suck big time. 

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@photosbydepuhl, that's not cool! Companies should give us warnings to back up our work before doing major updates like that. 

Were there any other programs/apps you looked at before going with Expensify? Maybe @shallburn can give those a shot.