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Export to a new account

Hi - I'm taking over the running of a business and need to receive the existing accounts and import them into a new account.

I have just opening a QuickBooks online account; the existing account is also with Quickbooks but I don't yet know if it's online or desktop.

What is the best format to ask them to use to export the data so I can import it at this end?

Many thanks!

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Re: Export to a new account

Hi AndyCat,


If the previous version is Desktop, excellent; you can migrate the vast majority of the information using our provided tools - no special formats, just import from desktop or export to online (if in desktop).


If the previous version is Online, and you're wanting this information, that's a little tougher. The short answer, is to use and export .csv Excel spreadsheets of the data to import that way.

Long answer, is you can Export Customers, Suppliers, Accounts, Products, Trial Balance , Any Reports - you cannot export your transactions, so invoices & bills, but you can import them if you use a 3rd party app to export.