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Horizon Integrator

Can you tell me where to get a code to link quickbooks online with Horizon Integrator? Its a telephony system. Thanks

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Re: Horizon Integrator

Hi Tayside Garage Doors,


Thank you for your message would you be able to clarify what Horizon Integrator does and the reasons you would need to ingrate this into QuickBooks as we do not support third parties we only recommend certain Apps that are compatible with QuickBooks products.


You would need to speak with Horizon Integrator to see if they are compatible with our products and they would be able to advise you on what code you need if compatible.


I would be grateful if you can please advise on the above.


Hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon!


Kindest regards

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Re: Horizon Integrator

Good morning,


I have been assured that the Horizon Integrator works with QBO. It is a VOIP system add in for click to dial. It also tell us which customers on our QBO database are calling, so it helps with that too.


Do you have a code I can use to integrate this?



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Re: Horizon Integrator

Hello Simone,


I have looked through the app section in QuickBooks Online and can see no Horizon Integrator.


I would suggest getting in touch with Horizon Integrator with regards to integrating with QuickBooks Online we have no information with regards to connecting to this particular system.