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Import Customer email addresses into Quickbooks desktop

Ok Quickbooks hive me out here:

I've got a client who would like to import customer email addresses into his Quickbooks Desktop. He has used Quickbooks for many years and does not want to overwrite any of his customer data or history. He just wants to add his customer email database into Quickbooks from an excel sheet. He doesn't want to manually type all of the emails in (because he has about 1000 customers and it will be labor intensive.)

Is there an easy solution to this? A way to import JUST the email addresses and have them match to the Quickbooks customer file?

My understanding is that if we import, it'll either a) overwrite the Quickbooks customer data or b) it will create a duplicate customer and we'll need to merge the 2 customers.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and advice.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Import Customer email addresses into Quickbooks desktop

Hi, gilletteconsulting.

You can easily download your employee’s email information by copying and pasting them into QuickBooks. Here’s how:

  1. Copy (Ctrl + C) the email from the Excel file. 
  2. In QuickBooks, go to Customer Center. 
  3. Click the arrow next to Excel at the top. 
  4. Select Paste from Excel. 
  5. Paste (Ctrl + V) the emails under E-MAIL column (make sure to align the emails to their respective customer names). 
  6. Click Save Changes. 

For other ways of importing this information, please refer to this article:

Stay around if you need anything else.  

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Re: Import Customer email addresses into Quickbooks desktop



Yes. It is possible to modify/make changes to existing Customer accounts in QB Desktop. You can use the 3rd party App 'SaasAnt Transactions'.


You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Connect the App to QB Desktop file

Get the Export file of Customer's List

Include 'Email address in the Export file'


Re-import the same file with following settings turned ON.


Click on 'Edit' -> 'Import Settings'

General -> 'Find Matching Transactions in QB by' -> QuickBooks Internal Id

Action When a Matched Transaction Found -> Append Existing Transaction'


Thank you.