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Is there a way to track profitability

I have a client that uses a number to identify his clients and then another number to indentify a job.  The job is obviously a sub catagory of the client.  It is possible that each job has several invoices.  He does it this way so he can determine P & L of clients and/or of jobs.  Now he wants to go a step further and know the profit of each invoice under each job under each client.  What is the best way to go about this, if it is at all possible?

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Re: Is there a way to track profitability

Reports by customer and Job are just standard stuff from the reports menu under Jobs:

Job Profitabilty summary (or detail) or P&L by Job

in both cases you may want to Filter onto a single customer


Invoice based profitability will only work if the only things you sell on that invoice are inventory items. For mixed service business you can only link costs to a customer/job - not an invoice.