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Re: Quickbooks Online Newbie? Take a minute and walk in my shoes...

Hi Tim,


I would like to welcome you to the community. I like that you suggest watching tutorials to learn more.


I have developed a YouTube playlist on QuickBooks Online and I hope to think it helps learn the basics of the system. I advise a lot of my clients to go away and watch this again after their initial training session with myself.


You can find the playlist here: QuickBooks Online Training Guide


Of course if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Kind Regards,


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Re: Quickbooks Online Newbie? Take a minute and walk in my shoes...

Hey @TimThePainter - a warm welcome to QB Community! Thanks so much for introducing yourself here Smiley Happy


"The initial thought of diving in and taking control and oversight of my business finances was extremely intimidating to say the least." Absolutely! Many of our members have also struggled with this. I love your recommendation to simply take a deep breath, slow down, and self-educate at a pace that feels comfortable to you. 


As you and @EmilyMockett point out, there are plenty of resources out there that enable self-directed learning. Right here in QB Community, you'll find helpful tutorials AND benefit from a group of small-business owners like you who have "been there, done that," and are eager to share their experience with you.


I'm so happy to have you here, Tim, and I look forward to learning more about your painting company in Evansville. (LOL, full disclosure: I Googled your business name. Don't forget to fill out the rest of your profile page!)

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Re: Quickbooks Online Newbie? Take a minute and walk in my shoes...

Welcome @TimThePainter! Like @EmilyCowan and @EmilyMockett, I really appreciate you sharing your experience getting up to speed with QuickBooks. In fact, I think you've pinpointed a mindset that's relevant to pretty much every aspect of running a small business: "When you are starting to learn Quickbooks and watching videos, if you start to get stressed out or feel lost, step back for a minute take a break and gather your thoughts. It will surprise you how after relaxing your brain for a minute will bring together all that information in your mind that you absorbed earlier.  Then when you sit down and go over it again chances are it will start to "click" and become a little clearer."

What a great way to sum up an approach to solving business problems that every entrepreneur can benefit from!

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Re: Quickbooks Online Newbie? Take a minute and walk in my shoes...

Hey @TimThePainter and welcome!  I'm the host and Business Coach of the Momentum to $1 Millon group right here in the QB Community, so if that sounds interesting, click here and click the green button to join us and mark your calendar for my live Office Hours every Wednesday at 11am PT where you can ask me pretty much anything about growing your business to a million and beyond! And again, BIG WELCOME!! @JulieatTheWELL