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Spinning Green Circle when attempting to connect PayPal to QuickBooks Online

Are you experiencing a continuous spinning green circle when attempting to connect the all-new Connect to PayPal app to your QuickBooks Online account? No need to worry. We are here to help you move forward and get connected!




Many websites, including QuickBooks Online, store cookies in our browser to allow the site to keep track of things like: site visits, things you have viewed and saved (like adding to a cart), login activity, and other actions. These allow you to move smoothly through the product and not have to start over each time you log in. In the case of Connect to PayPal app, PayPal also uses cookies and will store them in your browser. 


We have found that due to the high use of cookies from both QuickBooks Online and PayPal, the system will present a spinning green circle while it continuously tries to find the right cookies to continue with.  Often times, it may not find anything because it is too overwhelmed. 


Luckily, web browsers provide us with the ability to reset or clear cookies so our browser has a clean file log.


To resolve the continuous spinning green circle, please select the browser you are working in and follow the steps provided to clear your cookies. Once completed, please attempt to connect the app again.