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Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices


I've recently moved over to Quickbooks from Xero, on the recommendation by my accountant. I've just started setting things up, but have quickly realised that Quickbooks doesn't offer an integration with Stripe that allows a 'Pay Now' link to be inserted into the invoice. Xero had this feature, and the payments were very easy to reconcile.


I was advised that I could set-up a similar thing with the Paypal integration, but I'm aware that Paypal's terms and conditions can override my own company's which could lead to clients being awarded refunds even if they weren't entitled to it as per my terms and conditions that they agreed to. I'm therefore against using Paypal. Also, their fees are much higher than Stripe's.


I would have thought that in this day and age, Quickbooks would be chomping at the bit to be able to integrate with Stripe, which must be one of the leading card payment platforms. I can't be the only Quickbooks customer that would benefit from or requested this feature.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices



Thanks for your question


I appreciate for your business Paypal is not the best option. When we stop using our previous payment partner we reached out to customers for feedback on what partner they would like and then looked into the logistics of adding that into the product and Paypal was the product deemed the best fit.


The other option we have for a direct payment is Go Cardless which is a direct debit payment method, there is a lower fee involved.


We do have integration with the Stripe app for pulling through transactions currently as yes it is a popular platform. There is no current plans to change the payment platform however I would suggest leaving feedback for our engineers here


Kind regards




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Re: Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices

Could Paypal and Stripe not both be used? I'm quite frankly speechless at the fact that Stripe doesn't integrate directly with Quickbooks. It's clearly a political issue rather than something that can't be done. Unfortunately, at the customer's expense (quite literally in many cases).

QuickBooks Team

Re: Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices



We run a customer driven feedback model; if we have more customers wanting to use Stripe, than we do over Paypal; I would fully expect we would look into changing our primary payments provider. Please make sure you get your voice counted by leaving the feedback and request for Stripe at





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Re: Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices

Thanks for the reply. I've also provided some feedback to your engineers. Surely, if you were to accommodate both Paypal and Stripe, you would be in a much stronger position than only offering one or the other. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Stripe 'pay now' link on Quickbooks Invoices

I'd love to be able to offer my thoughts.

I cannot comment on why we don't offer both; i have my opinions, but they're pure speculation. Thanks for your feedback, I'll ensure this is highlighted up the correct channels as your feedback i feel is very valid.


Thanks again,