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The 12 Days of QuickBooks

December is here and that means one thing... IT'S CHRISTMAAAASSSS!


From 10th December - 21st December 2018, we're running The 12 Days of QuickBooks Christmas decorations competition for a chance to be featured as QuickBooks first EVER Business of the Month!


What does being Business of the Month mean?

Enjoy a month of your business taking the spotlight as it takes centre stage with an article being written about your services and/or products that's published here on the QuickBooks Community. 


Rules and how to enter

1. Comment and upload photo below with your office/work-space Christmas decorations. (to upload a photo to this article click 'Reply' and then 'Photos') 

2. Include your business name in the shot - business cards, wall logos etc. 

3. Name ONE thing your company sells or ONE service you provide. No links, prices or duplicate entries allowed!


Let's have some fun and I look forward to seeing your decorations below! From the office tree to your very own Santa's grotto - let's see it!

 Christmas Comp.jpg