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The QuickBooks guide to bringing your spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online

This guide is for anyone that has signed up to QuickBooks and is looking to move data from Excel spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online. You may have managed your accounts in Excel up to this point or exported the relevant data from another software. Each section offers step-by-step guidance and includes visuals, tips and hyperlinks to important resources.


We recommend that you follow the steps below to bring your data into QuickBooks. You do not have to complete all these steps in one go although we recommend that you do so during the early stages of using QuickBooks to gain maximum benefit of using our product. 


  1. If your business is VAT registered, set up your VAT in QuickBooks first! This will ensure that your invoices are ready to go (when you need to create them), and your existing spreadsheets can be brought into QuickBooks without unnecessary problems.
  2. Connect your bank account in QuickBooks. This step enables you to track your income and expenses quickly and easily.
  3. Import your existing data/spreadsheets into QuickBooks. We recommend that you import them in the order below as it ensures that your data is set up correctly.
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Products and services
    • Invoices
    • Bills
  4. Now that you have got your invoices/bills and bank transactions in QuickBooks, we recommend reviewing your transactions - match the invoices to payments and add any transactions that have yet to be created in QuickBooks.

And that's it! Once you have completed the steps, you can get insights and take a look at how your business is doing by running some recommended reports.

Community Host

Re: The QuickBooks guide to bringing your spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online

Great guide, this'll be very useful for spreadsheet users out there!