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Changing payroll frequency for PaySuite for QuickBooks Online

There are two versions of payroll for QuickBooks Online UK. This article is for PaySuite.

If you have QuickBooks Online Payroll, view this article.

How do I know which version I have?

PaySuite customers have 'Powered by PaySuite' on the Employees page. See screenshot below.

User-added image
If you don't have PaySuite on your Employees page, view this article.

Once your payroll has been created, it is not possible to change the pay frequency from weekly to monthly, or vice versa. The Pay Frequency field in Payroll Settings will be inactive and not available for change. Before saving you will be prompted to verify if the details entered are correct.

If you need to change frequency mid year, you can create another payroll and manually migrate the data from one payroll to the other.

Please see Add Year to Date (YTD) information  if you need help in entering the correct data.

When the new payroll is created and you are finished with the old payroll, please ensure you mark the employees as inactive.This will ensure the payroll information is not duplicated.