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Manually setup a workplace pension scheme in QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll

To process workplace pension files within your payroll, you first need to setup a pension scheme for your business.


To manually set up a pension scheme:


  1. Go to Payroll Settings, Pension Settings.
  2. Select Add Pension Scheme Manually.
  3. Enter your Staging date, and click Save.
  4. Go to Add Manual Scheme button, and fill in the following details:

Pension Scheme


  • Name: The name of your company
  • Provider Name: This is the name of the pension provider
  • Provider ID: A reference number that you can use internally to identify the pension provider (only really required for employers that have more than one pension scheme).
  • Employer Number: This is the ID given to the employer from the pension provider.
  • Providers Contact Information: This is the providers website.


Pension Admin Details


Fill in the details of the employers name and address, etc.


  1. Click Save.
  2. You will see that you now have the option to add a contribution plan. Click
  3. Fill in the following information, then click Save.
  • Plan name: You can use the name of your company.
  • Contribution Group ID: This can be the same as your provider ID.
  • Pension Type: Either select Net Pay or Relief at Source from the drop down menu.
  • Calculate pension on qualifying earnings: If you wish to calculate the pension on qualifying earnings then tick this box.
  • Fill in the Employee Contribution and the Employee contribution at the correct rates and if a pay category is applicable please select it from the drop down menus and select the frequency.


Once you have saved the scheme you will then be able to assign that pension to an employee in the employees pension settings.


Note: we do not currently provide CSVs for any providers.


It is not currently possible to switch between manual setup and pension sync.