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Running payroll in QuickBooks Online

There are two versions of payroll for QuickBooks Online UK. This article is for PaySuite.

If you have QuickBooks Online Payroll, view this article.

How to run payroll in QuickBooks Online

1. On the left, select Employees.
2. Select Run Payroll at the top right hand side
3. Follow the onscreen instructions on the Payroll Processing Wizard. The information that you need to complete are in pages below:

  • New employees
  • Employee Maintenance
  • Variable Input
  • If you need to add additional payments or deductions for this payroll run, add them here

4. Once you are happy with employee's pay please approve the payroll
5. Payroll is now approved

  • Please ensure you print or email your employee payslips
  • Submit your FPS to HMRC
  • Print off your reports
  • Check the payroll journal that has been automatically created for you
  • If you need to make any additional changes, please do not advance the payroll as you cannot make changes once the payroll has been advanced into the next period.