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Daily time entry errors - hours show up on different week!

I've been using QB Desktop for Mac for nearly a year now as an administrator, but have been experiencing a problem unique to my own personal daily timesheet entries that I haven't found a solution for (and chatting with QB didn't help).  The weekly timesheet has demonstrated the following errors at unexpected intervals:


  • Usually, all daily/weekly time entries are fine; however, three times now, all of a sudden, upon a screen restore being completed, all of a sudden, all my time entries for the week show up duplicated in the following week (before those dates have occurred!).

  • It is not the result of clicking the copy last period button - that's not happening, and even more strangely, the entries in the actual week they were entered are now blank for those same dates.  The first time it happened, I assumed I must have accidentally entered my times on the incorrect week, but after "correcting" the entries, it happened again a few days later!

  • So now all my entires for one entire week show up on the coming week, and the entries I intended for the actual week are blank.  Not only that, but even though my time is NOT set to default billable, QB is calculating all entries for each week's line item activities as billable, even though billable is NOT even checked.

  • Restoring, quitting/restarting... nothing is returning it to the correct status.  Once the new #s are there, they're auto-saved, so there's no going back except to manually correct everything each time, which is very time-intensive and a waste.

Would greatly appreciate any assistance and guidance!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Daily time entry errors - hours show up on different week!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @SVGguy.


I appreciate you sharing complete details on the issue you've encountered with the daily or weekly timesheet.


Your data might be damaged since you're getting the same result after you restored and restarted QuickBooks.


Before proceeding, make sure to create a backup of your file to protect against accidental data loss.


Solution 1: Run the Rebuild and Verify Data utility.

Solution 2: Re-sort lists.


For the detailed steps of each solution above, please read through this article: Resolve data damage on your company file.


If same issue persists, it would be best to get back in contact with our Technical Support Team. I know you've reached out to them already. However, they can investigate further to help discover where the issue is coming from.


Also, they can do screen-sharing if you need further assistance performing the troubleshooting steps above.


That will get this fix right up. Let me know how everything turns out by leaving a comment below. I'm always around whenever you need help.