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How to change accrued Vacation Hours

The QB process for accruing vacation does not match up with my process. I need to manually enter the accrued vacation time. I've created an accrual process, created the paycheck, and now I need to adjust the vacation accrued.


How is this done?

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to change accrued Vacation Hours

Let's adjust the accrued vacation hours, florabunda.


Please open the Sick and Vacation setup of the employee, and enter the correct accrued hours in the Hours available as of [date]. Then, you'll want to review and select the right Accrual Period and updated the rest of the setup if necessary, so it calculates correctly on the next paycheck.



For additional reference, you can click on the Help button to see more articles about setting up Sick and Vacation pays.


You can always visit us back here if you have other questions.

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Re: How to change accrued Vacation Hours

Basis: I have created but not printed payroll. 

I changed the Sick/Vac setup to no vacation accrual for one employee. The un-printed payroll check reflected that change by showing no vacation accrued.

I then tried to change the number of minutes to accrue for sick leave but the change is not reflected on the paycheck. 

I thought I had the correct number of minutes to calculate  22.6 hours worked to receive 1 hour sick leave, but my number of 2:06 was wrong. Can you tell the correct number of minutes?

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to change accrued Vacation Hours

Hello there, @florabunda


I can help figure out why the vacation accrual hours is calculating 2:06 on your employee's paycheck. 


The calculation of the vacation hours is based on the accrual period and the pay period for the employee setup. 


For example, you give 80 hours of vacation per year and it is accrued biweekly. You would enter 3.08 hours (80 hours/26 pay periods = 3.08 hours).


You'll first need to review the employee setup and change the vacation hours, if necessary. Once verified, you can create paycheck to reflect the changes. This way, it'll help ensure the vacation hours calculated are correct.


For more details, here's an article you can check out: Set Up or Change Vacation Time


Feel free to add a comment below how the steps above goes on your end, @florabunda. Just remember, we're always got your back. Have a good one.