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How to get detail on a WorkSafe liability payment

My accountant set up WorkSafe (BC's worker's compensation) as a liability within payroll so that I don't have to figure it out myself.  I pay quarterly and it was great, as I paid it quickly through the payroll liability screen.  However, now I am doing the form for WorkSafe, and they require the assessable earnings total and my QB cheque just says the total that I owe- not how it came to that total (i.e earnings amount x my premium rate percentage). All my other liability cheques (source deductions, health insurance) list where the total comes from.  Is there a way to see how QB came up with the amount I owe (without actually doing the calculations myself- which would be kinda missing the point)?   

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Re: How to get detail on a WorkSafe liability payment

Hi jmkentel,


It's great to hear that you've got an accountant on your side to help with managing your books and that he or she was able to set up this payroll liability item for you. You're right about the pay liabilities feature giving you the totals you owe and I could see how that would cause difficulties if you need the finer details to show to WorkSafe.


I've got a report that may be able to help you out. Take a look at the Payroll Detail Review report. This report shows "what values are used to calculate individual payroll items on employee paycheques." It shows columns for income subject to tax, the amount, calculated amount, and more. You can pull it up by going to Reports and choosing Reports Centre. You can choose to scroll through payroll reports or simply use the search bar to pull it up. If you need customize the report a bit more, check out the Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop article.


If that doesn't quite do it, I encourage you to browse the other reports available in the program to see if there's one that right for you.


Stop by again if you need anything else!

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Re: How to get detail on a WorkSafe liability payment

The first thing to look at is the PD7A report for the quarter. You will only use the Gross Payroll amount from the report. If you pay WCB for non-payroll subcontractors, you will also need a report for sub-contract payments for the quarter. That will be your Assessable Earnings amount.


Next, use the Pay Liabilities function in QB, enter the date parameters, select WCB and click the Review tab to review the cheque details. Don't File it yet.


Next, File the return on the Worksafe website (I use Fast File & Pay). When you enter the details, WCB premium is calculated for you. File the return on the Website. Print the return.


Compare the numbers to the Liability cheque. If they are not identical, use the adjust Liability function in QB and adjust the balance in QB to exactly match the WCB Return. When the Liability Cheque amount is the same as the Balance owing on the Worksafe Return, File the return in QB.