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How to revise wr-30? I changed my salary for a few weeks so it says i did not work.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How to revise wr-30? I changed my salary for a few weeks so it says i did not work.

Great to have you here, @travelintumblers,


Let's make sure your WS-30 form gets corrected so you can file them to your state agency without having any issues.


The form gets its data from the payroll you processed for your employees. Your tax dues are the total calculated taxes withheld on the employee's paychecks less tax payments. To make sure it captures all the wages paid throughout the quarter, you'll need to check how your payroll item is set up in QuickBooks.


You can also review your employee's paycheck and see if you missed one. Let's pull up a Payroll Tax and Wage Detail report to view the total and taxable wages. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Tax and Wage Summary from the Payroll section.
  3. Update the Date Range.
  4. Select a specific work location to see a list of taxes and wages paid at that location from the Work Location drop-down.
  5. Click Run Report.

If you spot some discrepancies, you'll need to review each employee's paycheck for any unreported wages or payments to correct them. If there are amounts that need adjustment, I'd recommend contacting our Payroll Support Team for further assistance. They have the resources to view your payroll account with us and can help you fix your tax calculations. Here's how to contact us:


  1. Click the (?) Help menu at the top right section of your QBO Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Contact us button.


That should get your work done. Please update me on how it goes. I'll be on a lookout for your reply. Have a good one!