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I just got quickbooks and installed on my computer. Now what?

I just downloaded quickbooks and am using for the first time.  How do I do payroll?


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Re: I just got quickbooks and installed on my computer. Now what?

Did you subscribe to the QBs or some other payroll service or are you doing it on your own?  (Doesn't matter, just that more info always helps.)


And if  you JUST loaded QBs, hold off a little bit before you jump in to Payroll.  Just make sure your Chart of Accounts is set the way you need/want it.  (Might require a quick chat with your Tax Acct.)  And you're pretty familiar with how things work.


And I see we're in the Desktop section and you said you "Downloaded" QBs.  But just wanted to confirm you are indeed talking about the version installed on your computer and not QB Online.  Only reason I ask is that the Desktop folks don't always know the Online platform and vice versa.


Once the Bank Accts are set and you're a little more familiar with QBs in general, then I'd delve into the Payroll.  And GO SLOWLY...  It's better to make sure things are set up right the first time.  Not that you can't make changes, but sometimes you'll be chasing yourself and create a LOT more work in the long run.


There are a lot of tutorials out there on setting up Payroll.  Here's one link to a good overview:


There are also a lot of videos on the QuickBooks YouTube channel: