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Pay Period got mixed up

I printed an unscheduled paycheck mid pay period and accidentally used the next pay period dates. Now whenever I go to print payroll, it is asking me to print one pay period ahead. I change all the dates so it's correct before I do payroll. However the next pay period it is still one pay period ahead. Is there a way to fix this??

QuickBooks Team

Re: Pay Period got mixed up

Hi, @Gina Lee.


I'd be glad to help fix the dates for your pay period to ensure you have the correct date for your next payroll.


Did you already edit the schedule on the Payroll Schedules tab? If not, you'll need to change the schedule through this tab to ensure that the next payroll date is correct.


Here's how:


  1. Open the Pay Employees folder.
  2. Under the Create Paychecks, click the drop-down arrow for Payroll Schedules tab.
  3. Select the pay period date for your payroll schedule and click OK.
  4. Once done, this will automatically change the payroll schedule on the Create Paychecks screen.
  5. Make sure to select Start Scheduled Payroll when running your next payroll.

pay sched1.PNGpay sched2.PNG


If you need more details about managing payroll schedules, you can check out this helpful article: Set up and manage payroll schedules.


This should help get you back on track. Keep me posted if you have additional questions about your payroll schedule. I'm here to help.

Community Explorer **

Re: Pay Period got mixed up

Well I knew it'd be simple, thank you so much! That worked!