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Payroll Update Error!

We seem to be stuck in an impossible loop with the latest Payroll Update. We have QB Desktop Pro 2017, everything is active and current, however, our latest payroll updates 21906 doesn't seem to be registering within our system.

When we go to "Pay Employees", we keep getting this error message that says Payroll Alert - Update Now... Payroll has not been updated for 40 days... and it gives me to option to Get Updates. Which we have been doing, we have tax table version 21906. But, we keep going through the motions and udpate anyway and we get another message that we've retrieved the again before 2/28. I go online and everything is active. Impossible loop.

What is the deal?!? This is so frustrating!

Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!!latest payroll update and validated our subscription and highly recommend us to go online


QuickBooks Team

Re: Payroll Update Error!

Hello, @Carissaochoa.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about not being able to update Payroll. I'll be happy to help you get this resolved.


It sounds like this is either an error in QuickBooks Desktop not recognizing you're up to date or it's not up to date and won't update because it thinks it already is updated. Either way, a repair should fix this for you.


Here are the steps for Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7:


Note: Don't be misled by references to the Installation Wizard. It is the Installation Wizard that runs Repair.

  1. Restart your computer to close unnecessary programs interfering with QuickBooks.
  2. Back up your QuickBooks company file.
  3. Select Start and then Control Panel. (In Windows 8/8.1: From the Start menu, open Search and type Control Panel. From the results, select Control Panel.)
  4. Select Programs and Features. If necessary, choose Uninstall a program.
    (If you don't see these options, select Programs, then Program Features.)
  5. Select QuickBooks in the list of programs and choose Uninstall/Change.
  6. Select Continue, then Next.
  7. Select Repair then Next. Wait for the Repair to complete.
  8. Choose Finish. Restart your computer if prompted.
  10. Don't forget to download the latest QuickBooks release and the latest payroll tax table when you open QuickBooks.

Repair Errors

During the repair, you may get an error or a message such as Files in use. If you receive these kinds of messages, follow these steps:

  1. Select Ignore (reboot required), then OK.
  2. You might have to click Ignore several times. The repair should continue.
  3. If the Ignore button is unavailable, select Close. After the Repair, restart the computer.

For more information on repairing QuickBooks Desktop, click here.


Please keep me posted on your results with how the repair goes, the Community has you covered. Thanks again, I'll be standing by for your response.

Experienced Member

Re: Payroll Update Error!

Hi @SterlingD. Well, the repair has not worked, unfortunately. The first time I ran the repair, I forgot to download the latest Quickbooks release before trying to update the payroll tax table. I tried the steps again, restarted, downloaded the latest Quickbooks release and then restarted, and then went to update payroll, and we are getting the same error message. We are stuck in the same loop. It does say we are on a different version of payroll though, not the same as last time, I think the version previous to the latest, but it still won't get unstuck from the crazy loop. It still says we have installed the latest payroll update, but to go online before 2/28. And then when we go to Pay Employees, we get a big warning that says we are not up to date and therefore none of the taxes are taken out. Then we go to update payroll, we update, it gives the same message " highly recommend you go online before 2/28", but it still won't update.

Any other suggestions/recommendations??

Thank you!!


QuickBooks Team

Re: Payroll Update Error!

Hi @Carissaochoa.


Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate you following those steps!

There are a few things that could cause this issue for you. Could you send me a private message with your email address? Once I have that, I'll be able to look into a few options for the next best steps.


Please let me know here once you have sent that message, I'll be keeping an eye out for your reply!

Experienced Member

Re: Payroll Update Error!

Yeah, ok. How do I send you a private message?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Payroll Update Error!

Hi Carissaochoa,


The private message option is located in the upper right-hand corner of your QuickBooks Community dashboard. I've added a sample screenshot for your reference.


Please note that this option will only be available when you have participated on different posts within this forum and gained badges.


If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. Thanks.