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Payroll back up

When I upgraded my QB desktop to the 2019 version. I did not back up QB and the only back up I had avaialable was from April 2019. Now all my payroll transactions are gone. Is there any way to get those transactions back? 

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Re: Payroll back up

Is your old version of QBs still on your machine and do you have a copy or backup of the old file?  You can open both versions of QBs and view them side by side to see what old data is missing. 


If you don't have the old version installed, you can FIRST RENAME the old file and then open/update it in 2019.  You can then run whatever reports you need to get the old data.  Not quite as easy as side by side, but it should work.


Final way would be to COPY YOUR CURRENT FILE to a safe place.  Then go look for the first backup QBs made when you did the installation/upgrade.  That should be your original data in a backup form. 


Once you get the reports/info you need.  Close QBs and now rename that file to something like "Your_Company 2019-04.qbw" and then copy back your current company file back to it's original location.