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Payroll subscription

I only need payroll services to file my monthly, quarterly and annual payroll forms. I currently do my payroll by hand because we only have 4 employees. Which subscription would be best for me? I currently have enhanced payroll but I don’t think I need that much.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Payroll subscription

I can't suggest which payroll subscription suits you best, Cothran500. Instead, I'll just give you ideas on how this works with QuickBooks Online.


Regardless of the payroll plan you subscribed, you still need to record your payroll data within the program before you can file your payroll forms. To set up your employees and enter your prior payroll data, you can check out this article: Set Up a Prior Payroll.


You can also file and pay your taxes electronically within the program, too: Enroll to E-file and Pay Taxes.


When you process payroll within the program, you can print the checks or enter the details by hand. You can check these articles for reference:

Anything you want to learn about payroll can be access through this article: QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced.


I'll get back to your if you have more questions about this.