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Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

QuickBooks Team

Re: Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

Hey there, bradsmith445.


Welcome to the Community. I'd like to provide some information about the Projects feature not working.


To make sure this isn't a problem with the browser, I recommend clearing the cache. The cache can become bogged down from time to time, potentially causing viewing and performance errors within QuickBooks Online. Clearing it will allow you to start fresh. This article will walk you through the process:


Additionally, the problem you're having with Projects may be related to a known issue. The engineers are aware and diligently working to get this resolved. You'll want to call in to speak with a member of the Support Team. An agent will get you added to the list of affected accounts. Once you're added, you'll then receive email notifications regarding any updates and the resolution. The number to speak with an agent is 1-800-488-7330. The most up-to-date contact information can be found here: I would also advise the agent that you believe this is connected to investigation #19186.


Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how the conversation goes. I'll be here if you need any further assistance.

Experienced Member

Re: Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

how long wil it take to get resolved

As there are many who are getting this issues

is there any estimated time to get it done 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

Hi there, @bradsmith30121989.


I understand the urgency to get this fixed. Allow me to chime in to the thread.


Our engineers are still in the process of finding a permanent resolution for the Projects to work. There’s no estimated time yet when this will be fixed. But rest assured, our engineers are working non-stop to solve this as soon as possible.


Also, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Customer support so you'll be added as one of the affected users of this investigation. Once you’ve been added to the list, you’ll receive an email about the updates and progress of this issue. 


You can contact them by following the steps given by my colleague above.


We appreciate your patience while we fix this. Let me know if you have other concerns.

Established Member

Re: Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

I have the same problem

QuickBooks Team

Re: Projects In Quickbooks Online is not working

Hello, privatenmd.


Thanks for following up on this thread and letting me know the same problem is happening in your account. I want to help you get back to business as quickly as possible.


I recommend following the steps listed above to speak with a Support Team member to be added to the list of affected companies. Once you're added, you'll receive emails involving any updates and the fix to get Projects back in working order.


I'll keep any eye on the case as well and report back here with any new information. Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.