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QBO time clock import specs

Hi, i would like to know what the specs are for importing time clock records from a 3rd party vendor. I found the below and can make sense of everything but am unsure what the "N" field is for and if it is necessary.

First M Lastname,02/26/2019,,,,,Regular Hourly Rate,8.25,,N
First M Lastname,02/26/2019,,,,,Overtime Hourly Rate,8.75,,N
First M Lastname,02/26/2019,,,,,Vacation Pay,8.00,,N




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QuickBooks Team

Re: QBO time clock import specs

Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community, @tman62.


I'd like to redirect you to the right support team who handles time clock concerns.


If you've integrated a third-party app with QuickBooks by yourself, I recommend seeking help through another forum. We call it Intuit Developers Forum. It's a place where different developers and coders help each other about app development, integrations, and programming.


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about QuickBooks Online.