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Audit trail says I paid twice in 1 period. Should show 15th & 31st . Employee pay stubs also show the 15th instead of the 31st.  How do I correct this error?  Also the payroll didn't show on my check register twice on the 15th or once on the 31st.  I need to complete payroll for the 15th of this month and don't want to really mess things up!

Re: payroll

Thanks for bringing this situation in the Community, JanCan,


Let me get the help you need to correct your payroll.


If the duplicate has not been transmitted to payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop, I have here some steps that you can follow for a fix:

  • Find the paycheck
  • Edit the paycheck
  • Delete the paycheck

However, if the check is via Direct Deposit and have already sent your payroll to the Payroll service, here are the things that you can do:


QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced:

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted:

For more detailed information about this process, you can read this article: Modify or void pay and liability checks.


If you’d need assistance with the steps, you can always contact our Customer Care support for assistance. They have the necessary tools like screen sharing to walk you through.


If you have any other questions in running your payroll, please let me know. I'm always here to further assist.

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Re: payroll

I ended up calling. What happened is my payroll on the 5/15 didn’t complete. I remember when I printed the pay stubs the computer didn’t make the usual “sounds”.  Since it printed the stubs I was happy. QB showed not processing until 6/3 when I did what I thought was the 31st payroll. 

I entered the payroll again for QB and advanced the date as it didn’t automatically advance. 
Thanks for taking the time to try and assist me!  I’m self taught and severally lacking in skills!
QuickBooks Team

Re: payroll

Hello there, JanCan.


Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm glad to know your issue got resolved. I appreciate you for providing the details on how you're able to resolve your payroll issue. This would help other users who might experiencing the same situation.


If you wish to know more about QuickBooks Desktop Payroll process, feel free to refer to these articles: 

I'm just a post away so please don't hesitate to reach back to me if you have further questions about payroll.