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why my payroll taxes are not working for 1 employee?

I called last week because they stopped my taxes from being taken out of payroll.  We found the problem and I was able to do payroll.  I went to do payroll and taxes are not coming out of one employees payroll.  I need this fixed please.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: why my payroll taxes are not working for 1 employee?

Hi there, @carolmalcom.


It's nice to have you in the Community. Let me help share some information about running payroll in QuickBooks with no tax item showing on the paycheck.


If you're still on the process of creating the paycheck for this employee, you can revert the paycheck. Before doing so, make sure to do a tax table update to ensure that this is not due to an outdated tax table version.


Here's how to revert your employee's paycheck:


  1. On the Enter Payroll Information screen, locate the name of the employee.
  2. Do a right mouse click on the employee's name (the name is usually highlighted in yellow).
  3. Then select Revert Paycheck.


This should cause the paycheck to reset itself to what it was before you saved this payroll to Finish Later and taxes should be recalculated.


However, if you've already created the paycheck, please refer to this article for more information: QuickBooks Desktop calculates wages and/or payroll taxes incorrectly.


This should guide you in the right direction. Please let me know if you need anything else. If you need further assistance in going through the steps, feel free to contact our Desktop Payroll support. They'll be able to do screen sharing with you and help you further with the process.


I'll always be here to help if you have other questions about your paychecks. Have a good one.